MME Day, 3 Years of MME, Party on Wednesday!

That sounds awesome!!!

Moshi Monsters Expressway


Hey everyone! Thank you for all the support, love, dedication, and everything you have contributed to the huge MME community! I think this was the most huge and successful event we’ve ever held! Over 30,000 views this week, ~400 comments, hundreds-thousand contest entries, and much more! We had so much fun! Hope you did too! 3 years of MME and more to come!

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The Great Moshi Beanstalk out now!!!

great beanstalkTo get to it you can click on the map on then go to the Great Moshi Beanstalk which is now there!!!

When you’re there, you have to play a mini game to get to each mission part and if you complete it you will get a reward. On the third part you get Twaddle!!! Sadly, you have to be a member to complete the third part.

What do you think of it so far? Please comment below!!!

Four new Moshlings!!!

Four new moshlings have been released in the moshling zoo, but only one is available at the moment. Also there is a new set. The yuckies!!!

The first of the new moshlings is called twaddle who is in the yuckies is the one who is available now. Here is what he looks like.


To get him you need any love berries x2, and any crazy daisy so this mean or in the 3rd mission in the great moshi beanstalk.

The next moshling is the other moshling in the yuckies set, Slurpy!!!


The next moshling is Weeny!!!


The last one is Grinny!!!


What do you think of the new moshlings? Please coment below!!!


Hansel released  has a brand new music video called Bad to the Biscuit. Here it is!!!

I like it, but it is a bit short. What do you think?